Villager Upgrades | Super Chunk Block [5] | Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.14 SMP

In this episode of the Super Chunk Block addon map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, I show off some of the villager upgrades that are part of this mod pack.

The Cleric Villager will trade 8 diamonds and 8 end crystals for 1 dragon egg.
The Farmer will trade 1 dragon egg and 8 other items for various spawn eggs.
The Tool Smith will trade 1 dragon egg and 8 wither skulls for a mob spawner cage.
The Weapon Smith will trade 4 wither skulls and 1 diamond for a Nether Star.

Having these additional trades allows us to create mob spawners and spawner farms in our sky block world which would otherwise be impossible to make.

We can now make creeper farms, mob farms, drowned farms as well as several passive mob farms including chicken and cow farms.

Super Chunk Block is a map I made for Minecraft Bedrock addons which is a behavior pack and a resource pack that tweaks the vanilla minecraft game to add an interesting twist.

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