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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode SlackLizard and I build what we believe is the best Mob Farm on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

It is redstoneless for the spawning platforms and relies on Minecraft AI making Mobs think they can stand on buttons on the side of a block.

Using a criss-cross pattern of blocks 10 layers up with buttons on each edge, mobs spawn and walk straight off the edge to their doom.

Magmablocks with a hopper minecart collect the drops which are currently, with a single module, over 3,200 drops per hour.

AFK at this for 3 hours give over a shulker box full of gunpowder alone so you could call this the Best Gunpowder Farm for MCPE or even the Best Creeper Farm for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

We create the mob farm to take up 2x2 chunks but we intend to make another 4 modules over time to give us over 6,000 items per hour in total.

The mob farm does take a while to build but is very simple. There are no pistons, no water flushing, no moving parts and no redstone. Except for the simple collection system.

We avoid building a perimeter around the farm (Lighting the cave and surface) by building high in the sky and never going down to the ocean below.

This mob farm could technically be classed as a creeper farm because it gives so much gun powder but it isn't just a mob farm for creepers. From all of the bedrock edition mob farms out there, I'm pretty sure this is the best mob farm for the bedrock edition of minecraft out there. Particularly for the village and pillage update.

OMG guys! This MCBE Mob Farm is the nuts! It's totally the best truly bedrock mob farm bedrock farm mob farm edition bedrock farm.
MINECRAFT BEDROCK MOB FARM!!! Dude! This is awesome!

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