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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode I restock our firework shop. I have to gather Gunpowder and Sugarcane to craft paper and gunpowder into Fireworks. I get the gunpowder from SlackLizard's witch farm and the sugarcane from my nano farm.

I also craft the last of our shulker shells and chests into shulker boxes and restock those too. We're almost out of shulker boxes now so we will have to go end raiding again soon.

Then I go to the comment library that ZloyXP built and add 10 comments from the 10 first episodes of Truly Bedrock Season 1.
It's all a bit of a joke how it turns out but I do intend to do it properly soon.

After that I go to TizzTom's base to play a prank on him because he pranked me at the beginning on my video.

I decide to create a scene from Fireman Sam which is a popular children's television series about a Welsh Fireman who lives in the village of Ponty Pandy. Because Tizz is Welsh and likes trucks, I build him a fire truck and some firemen putting out a fire on one of his trucks at his base.

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Truly Bedrock Season 1 ►
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