Bug Report:

Minecraft Bedrock
Played on a 10 Player Realm


I made a village at my base area on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Realm.
I connected 48 villagers to 48 beds and workstations and centred the village with a bell.

Then after a crash, the village had expanded from 64x24x64 to 700x24x1324.
It has also forgotten all the villagers that live at the actual village.

The Dweller info and POI info lists 4 villagers. None of these are actually at the village. They are in between both areas.

The village some how connected via, a lost villager, to a barrel 1300 blocks away in the shopping area.

This made the entire village stretch so far that the existing villagers were no longer in range of the centre and disconnected from their beds and workstations.

Not only has this ruined the village I made, but it also affects half of the Truly Bedrock map which is now technically, all inside of my village.

Mojang Please Fix This ASAP!

Realm Bug
Village Bug
Bedrock Bug
Bedrock Edition Bug

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