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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode I go over to the new shopping area to start working on a light shop with SlackLizard.

Before I meet up with Slack Lizard I go to the Mob Farm to see that the broken chunks that I fixed have broken again so I change the clock on the dispenser to get it working better.

Then I go over to the shopping area. I check the End Shop for profits and then restock and then I go to SilentWisperer's raid shop to spend my pebbles on Totems of Undying and Emerald Blocks.

I then check out the Cake Reviews that Lyarrah left on all of our shops. After that I head over to Prowl and Zap's wood shop to buy more spruce logs.

Finally, before meeting Slack, I go back to the Town Hall to check out what needs doing and discuss the bad lighting that needs fixing.

The SlackLizard and I finally get working on the strange but interesting, lights shop.

We use redstone lamps and note blocks for the outside and the inside has a white fog effect infinity floor.

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