Tutorial | ULTIMATE FURNACE ARRAY | Minecraft Bedrock Edition How To

ONE CHUNK | SMELTS 51,000 ITEMS / HOUR - Minecraft Tutorial
Minecraft 1.4.2 - THE UPDATE AQUATIC

This Minecraft Tutorial shows you How To build an insane furnace array smeltery.

This is a SUPER SMELTER but wihtout using hardly any resources people normally need for a Super Smelter or Furnace Array.


The smelting machine uses Minecraft Bedrock Edition's unique features to create a 124 furnace array that has uniform dispersion without needing tonnes of hoppers. It has no hopper minecarts, no minecarts, no powered rail.

It is extremely cheap, very easy to build, requires hardly any resources and is completely stackable!!!

The system includes:
124 Furnaces
66 Hoppers
14 Chests
16 Pistons
1 Sticky Piston
40 Redstone Dust
20 Redstone Torches
8 Comparators
1 Lever
22 Building Blocks


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