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In this episode slack and I continue to work on the Quad spawners we found near our bases on the Truly Bedrock SMP which is a Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Let's Play series on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

We make an item sorter from redstone, comparators, hoppers and chests to automatically sort string and bones into their own chests. We also make a system to burn all non-stackable items and items we don't want to keep like spider eyes.

Then we decorate the room.

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Lets Play recorded on Minecraft Bedrock Edition
This edition works on Windows 10, Pocket Edition, Android, iOS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and other devices.

List of Nonesense
Minecraft 1.11 is the most recent minecraft update.
Minecraft 1.10 is relatively recent.
Minecraft 1.9 Is a little old now.
MCBE is the Edition I play on.
Hermitcraft is really cool.
Minecraft Survival Lets Play is my favourite way to play.
I love the Lecturn.