Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.13 Update | MCBE MCPE | Minecraft PE 1.13.0


What's New in the Latest Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update - Minecraft 1.13

This video is for the latest update for Minecraft PE 1.13.0

The 1.13 Update, the last part of the village and pillage update, contains a huge list of features and bug fixes which I go through in detail during this update video.

Minecraft 1.13.0 Patch Notes: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360035247792-Minecraft-1-13-0-Bedrock

⭐ *New Features*
◾ Foxes are finally added to Minecraft Bedrock
◾ Item Frames can be placed on the floor and the ceiling
◾ Brown Mooshrooms can be converted from Mooshrooms with Channelling
◾ Wither Roses
◾ New Note Block Instruments
◾ New settings and chat settings

🔨 *Bug Fixes*
There hare literally hundreds of bug fixes that have drastically improved the game and also broken a few farm mechanichs.

🐞 *Some Known Issues with the 1.13 Update*
◾ Trident Killers are broken and no longer work
◾ Nether Portals incorrectly link
◾ Visual glitches when jumping & flying
◾ Skin issues on multiplayer worlds
◾ Crouching animation is jarring
◾ Discover more at the Bug Tracker for Minecraft Bedrock Edition https://bugs.mojang.com/projects/MCPE/summary

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