DIRTY DEALS | Truly Bedrock [1-21] | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP (MCBE)

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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode SlackLizard and I gather all of the resources from our new mob farm. I take shulker boxes of gunpowder, string and bones to my base.

I craft bones into bonemeal and use it to power my sugarcane and bamboo micro farms.
I craft the sugarcane into paper and craft it into rockets with the gunpowder from the mob farm. I craft the string and bamboo into scaffolding.

I go to Slack's base to discover Prowl8143 has pranked him with an expensive shop designed to make slack use Pebbles (money) rather than diamonds. Slack calls on the help of Mr. Onion to buy out all of the logs from Prowl's log shop using money instead of diamonds.

Mr. Onion also buys some Iron from ZloyXP's shop as well as some Enchanted books from Zloy's mending shop.

Slack and I then go to the shopping area to expand our End Shop and add a new Nether Portal. We restock all of the chests and add new products for sale including bone blocks, slime balls, scaffolding, gunpowder, string, smooth stone and arrows.

We also create a stock room under the shop to store all of the items, making it easier for either of us to restock as required.

Diamond Alliance Team Members
FoxyNoTail (Foxy)
SlackLizard (Slack)
DaphneElaine (Daphne Elaine)

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