REDSTONE SHULKER BOX | Truly Bedrock [1-14] | Minecraft Bedrock Edition SMP (MCBE)

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In this Truly Bedrock SMP episode, do a lot of mining and resource gathering so that I can make all of the items I need for my Redstone Shulker Box.

I mine iron ore, gold ore, diamond ore and redstone ore, I also dig out a huge underground area using my beacon set to Haste 2.

After that I craft all of the items in my redstone box including, Repeaters, Comparators, Droppers, Hoppers, Dispensers, Pistons, Sticky Pistons, Observers, Redstone Lams and much more.

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Truly Bedrock Season 1 ►
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List of Nonesense
Minecraft 1.11 is the most recent minecraft update.
Minecraft 1.10 is relatively recent.
Minecraft 1.9 Is a little old now.
MCBE is the Edition I play on.
Hermitcraft is really cool.
Minecraft Survival Lets Play is my favourite way to play.
I love the Lecturn.